Startup Consulting

Its our immense pleasure to introduce IHRS as one of the leading Management consulting firm operational in India since 2010 and providing various services like startup consulting services, HR Consulting, Business process optimization, Management consulting, Marketing and branding consulting, Sales Management consulting, Franchisee consulting, Business Plans, Family succession planning consulting etc.We were involved in all above project’s consultation from Ideation till implementation with business plan, company registration, brand name creation and recognition, finance, HR, marketing, branding, taking care of government subsidies, grants, incentives in food parks, industrial areas, gidcs, midcs, SEZs.

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Food Business Consulting

Consulted Few projects with semi automatic and fully automatic setup of machineries with marketing, branding and complete set up of team.
Food Manufacturing and packaging: Fryums/Pellets, Namkeen and Chips 300 and 500 kg per hour line production line and 14 header packaging machines
Packaged Mineral water production and Packaging : 2000 LPH production with 24 BPM packaging.

Organizations Operation Management Consulting

Management Consulting is more than giving advice. Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance. Organizations may draw upon the services of management consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external (and presumably objective) advice and access to consultants' specialized expertise.

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Packaging Business Consulting

Consultancies may provide organizational change-management assistance, development of coaching skills, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development, or operational improvement services. Management consultants often bring their own proprietary methodologies or frameworks to guide the identification of problems, and to serve as the basis for recommendations with a view to more effective or efficient ways of performing work tasks.

Manufacturing Management Consulting

As a result of our exposure to, and relationships with numerous organizations, We are typically aware of industry "best practices". However, the specific nature of situations under consideration may limit the ability or appropriateness of transferring such practices from one organization to another.

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Strategic Planning Consulting

Strategy is important because the resources available to achieve goals are usually limited. Strategy generally involves, setting goals and priorities, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions. A strategy describes how the ends (goals) will be achieved by the means (resources). Strategy can be intended or can emerge as a pattern of activity as the organization adapts to its environment or competes. It involves activities such as strategic planning and strategic thinking.

Marketing and Branding Consulting

Achieving the best from your people does not happen by chance. It requires a finely tuned understanding that spans human psychology, management theory, and real-world business practice.
Started with providing HR and allied services in the year 2010. With slow and gradual trust of client kept on providing solution related to varied businesses and its various issues for different industries with different business models.
Strategy is a general plan to achieve one or more long-term or overall goals under conditions of uncertainty.

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Change Management Consulting

Change management (sometimes abbreviated as CM) is a collective term for all approaches to prepare, support, and help individuals, teams, and organizations in making organizational change. Drivers of change may include the ongoing evolution of technology, internal reviews of processes, crisis response, customer demand changes, competitive pressure, acquisitions and mergers, and organizational restructuring. It includes methods that redirect or redefine the use of resources, business process, budget allocations, or other modes of operation that significantly change a company or organization. Organizational change management (OCM) considers the full organization and what needs to change, while change management may be used solely to refer to how people and teams are affected by such organizational transition. It deals with many different disciplines, from behavioral and social sciences to information technology and business solutions.

Performance Management Consulting

Performance management (PM) is the process of ensuring that a set of activities and outputs meets an organization's goals in an effective and efficient manner. Performance management can focus on the performance of an organization, a department, an employee, or the processes in place to manage particular tasks. Performance management standards are generally organized and disseminated by senior leadership at an organization and by task owners, it can include specifying tasks and outcomes of a job, providing timely feedback and coaching, comparing employee's actual performance and behaviors with desired performance and behaviors, instituting rewards, etc. It is necessary to outline the role of each individual in the organization in terms of functions and responsibilities to ensure that performance management is successful

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Our success lies in your success. We Consult to save your time, Money and Energy while driving your business in right direction.Looking forward to earn value and blessings over money so we see the benefit of customer first over and above our benefit.

If you are startup entrepreneur or existing businessman who wants to develop and improve your business or develop world class corporate organization and if you want to explore business growth opportunities, business process re-engineering, franchisee development, dealer distribution network Or Want to explore Improvement in current business practices or strategies and save on costing part, you are at right place. We offer a free 30 minutes initial consultation to start with the relationship.