Statutory Compliance

We as Advocates & Laboure Laws Consultants
We, Innovative HR Solution, based at Gujarat, having association of experts in HR Management, Labour Laws and Advocates, are practicing Advocates and Consultants in field of labour laws. we have been providing our services as Labour Law Consultants, to corporate houses and industries.

Laboure Laws/acts Applicable to Various Industries :
Given below is the list of various ACTs under which the labour laws have been enacted and the industries are statutorily required to implemented and complied with in all respects.
  1. The Minimum Wages Act, 1948
  2. The Shops & Establishment Act/Factories Act
  3. The Contract Labour (R&A) Act
  4. The Equal Remuneration Act
  5. The W.C. act, 23.
  6. The industrial disputes Act,1947
  7. The Bombay Labour Welfare funds Act,1953
  8. The payment of Gratuity Act,1972
  9. The payment of Bonus Act,1965
  10. The employment Exchange Act,1959
  11. The Apprentices Act,1961
  12. The E.P.F. and M.P. Act,1952(including’s & appellate tribunal)
  13. Employment Standing Orders Act
  14. E.S.I Act (including E.I Court)

Salient Features of Our Services as Advocates & Labour Laws Consultants :
  • We Provide Services as legal consultant in the field of various Labor Laws applicable to all industries.
  • We assess the applicability of the particular Industrial laws to the industries, and accordingly advise the Industries.
  • We undertake the liasioning assignment of following up with various Government Departments, semi-Government Department, Corporations, in order to obtain various statutory Licenses, Registrations, Permissions etc, under the Industrial laws applicable to the Industry.
  • We provide detailed procedure, as per statutory requirement, for proper implementation of each Industrial Law applicable to the industry
  • We extend full support and guidance to prepare and maintain the statutory records pertaining to the Industrial Law applicable to the industry.
  • We extend full support and guidance in the matters of litigation arising out of any adverse remarks or observations of inspecting authority or the assessing authority of any department related to the labour laws.
  • In case of litigation we appear before the concerned authority, on behalf of the industry, and submit the necessary compliance, representation, and follow up the matter till its disposal in favor of the industries.
  • We also represent the industry even before the Court of Law, if the dispute is not resolved at the Local authority level.

Options for Availing Our Services :
The industries may avail our services in the following categories :
1. Opting for availing the selected features of our services for implementation of the applicable industrial laws under any one of the Act for :
  • Only consultation
  • Complete package inclusive of consultation and all other features of our services.
2. Opting for availing the selected features of our services for implementation of applicable industrial laws under all applicable Acts :
  • Only Consultation
  • Complete package inclusive of consultation and all other features of our services.
3. To Retain our services on annual agreement basis.
  • Only Consultation
  • Complete package inclusive of consultation and all other services :

Complete package of our services will exclusively cover the following assignments : 
  • To advice you from to time regarding the applicability, registration, renewal, maintenance of records, payment of statutory dues, filing of prescribed forms periodically, complying of statutory obligation etc. under all the labour laws as applicable to company.
  • To supervise the maintenance of various records under the provisions of various labour laws as applicable to your company. The records of the various labour laws are required to be maintained in respect of above mentioned Acts regularly and returns are to be filed monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly as per the provisions of the above mentioned Acts. We will do required liasioning with concerned department and maintain and submit the related records/returns/replies to the concernemd department.
  • Our representatives will visit the establishment as & when required & provide guidelines & also advice you with regard to day to day problems/difficulties.
  • To provide guidance and advise regarding the compliance with the adverse remarks, if any, passed/recorded/made by the any inspecting authority of the related Labour law implementing department/agency/body, applicable to your company.
  • To finalize, in consultation with managements, services rules , agreements with the contractors and technical consultation for different services as required by the establishment.
  • To update and appraise of your executives with regards to the amendments in various labour laws & guidelines announced from time to time.
  • We have our own system and program of maintaining accounts of EPF contribution of each employee of clients company and this facility shall also be provided to your industry.
  • To provide services in drafting the appointment orders, services agreements and for appointment of any employee as per the terms required and finalized by the industry.
  • To assist or to handle all the litigation matters and represent before the appropriate authority implementing the particular industrial law, and also before the Court of Law, on behalf of the industry.
    We look forwards for our early meeting and discussion with you in this reference so as to assess the nature of services your industry require, to finalize our terms and to proceed with our hearts and hands put together.