Resume Tips

Resume Restructuring Tips

Eliminate typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Ask someone you trust to proof read your RESUME.

  • Make a good first impression. You have a limited amount of initial interest time, use it wisely.
  • Keep it brief. Few people have time to read a 20-page resume, be efficient with your information. A three to four page resume is often sufficient.
  • Focus your resume on your most recent experience; keep it brief for anything over 10-15 years.
  • Quantify experience and achievements with facts and figures to show how you performed against specific targets, timelines or KPI's.
  • Give the employer a chance to see your written communication skills in terms of being organised, logical and concise.
  • Use simple language; do not try to impress employers with elaborate vocabulary.
  • Be honest, nothing turns an interview sour more quickly than the uncovering of exaggeration or the stretching of the truth on resumes.
  • Be balanced, neat and structured. Make it appealing to the eye.
  • This is your opportunity to sell yourself. Emphasise previous wins, promotions and rare skill sets, make yourself very difficult to disregard.

Terms & Conditions for Resume Writing Services
  1. This service is a prepaid services i.e. payment must be made before we can service your request. It is also a non- refundable service.
  2. The introductory price is valid for a resume not exceeding 4 pages(A4) and every extra page (A4) shall attract additional charges to be intimated to the client, WE has the discretion to waive off the amount if it so decides.
  3. We reserves the right to make changes/withdraw this offer at any-time it deems fit.
  4. We is not bound to serve every requisition to for this service, We reserves the right to deny this service at its discretion to any individual/s without assigning any reason/s.
  5. The introductory price is likely to be changed as per the discretion of We without prior intimation.
  6. We does not give any assurance or warranty/ guarantee about you securing a job by availing this service, this is a purely resume development service and does not guarantee any job.
  7. We does not take responsibility of any damage caused by the usage of this service. Our maximum liability is limited only to the refund of the amount received by us.
  8. If cash is deposited in our A/C any charges arising out of cash deposit will have to be borne by the applicant of this service. We will not initiate the resume development work till full payment has been made.
  9. Resume development/writing shall only start once payment has been realized in our Bank Account.
  10. We reserves the right to a delay in delivery owing to unfavourable working conditions or due to factors that are beyond our control, by applying for Resume Writing the user is making sure that We will not be held liable for reasons beyond the control of WE.
  11. In case the service has not been delivered within 30 days after the payment has been made in full by the applicant, WE will refund the original amount to the applicant.
  12. * Turn Around Time for Resume Writing is usually 7 working days from the date of receiving the Draft1 (requirement gathering phase)
  13. **Turn Around Time for Express Resume is 24 hours after receiving the Draft 1(requirement gathering phase). Cut-off time for receipt is 5 p.m. beyond which requisition received will be treated on the next working day starting at 10a.m.. For Requisitions received on weekends the next working day starting at 10 a.m. will be considered as the starting time.
  14. Working days Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. , Saturdays 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. , Sundays and Public holidays are Off.

Cover Letter Tips

Your cover letter is the recruiter’s first impression of you, and as such is an integral and vital part of the job application process. A high-quality cover letter will ensure that your CV is noticed, and will set you apart from the bulk of competition.

We can offer some basic writing skills that will help you make this first impression effective and lasting.

Formatting your letter
In this day and age, most cover letters and CVs will be typed on a PC. However, avoid ‘standard letters’ at all costs. Recruiters often sift through hundreds of CVs, meaning that standard letters will make no impact whatsoever. Even if you are applying for lots of jobs at once, always try to make the letter as tailored to the job for which you are applying as possible.

A rough guide when formatting your letter is to paragraph as follows:
  • Introduce yourself and your purpose in writing. (you may quote a reference number if you have seen the job advertised).
  • Give an outline of the sort of work you are doing at present, and your qualifications. Bear in mind this must be kept brief as they will be given full information in your CV.
  • Give reasons as to why you are ideally suited to the job, and to the company.
  • Do not be afraid of introducing the idea of arranging an interview this shows that you are both keen and serious about applying for the position

It may also impress the recruiter if you include information about the company (e.g. ‘as the largest distributor of … in the North East’) therefore any research you can do beforehand will be highly beneficial.